Project Description

MyCodeCamp.NET is a ASP.NET MVC application that allows you to organize and manage everything needed to run a successful community based event, from registering attendees, showing speakers all the way to registering and managing sponsor contributions.

Project History

Back in November 2008 while I was the VP of the Orlando .NET User Group I was faced with the task of building a website to promote the 2009 Orlando .NET Code Camp, not being able to find any already done tool to help me i decided to build my own. My obsession for .NET and the them released ASP.NET MVC Framework Beta I decided to build it in MVC.
After a very successful event in March, a few other user group leaders asked if they could use the site to promote their own code camp events, that was when I decided to revamp that little application and turn it into an open source project that will hopefully help other community leaders to run their events and help other MVC enthusiasts to learn a little more about the framework, pattern, Entity Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.


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